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About the Embassy

Welcome to the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, London

About The Embassy

The President and members of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, the 11 man collective presidency, for the Interim Government was sworn in on Wednesday 21st August 2020 before the Chief Justice, Abbas Babiker.

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What we do

The consular section of the Sudanese embassy in London welcomes you

Our Mission

The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan mission is to represent the Government of the Republic of Sudan and strengthen US-Sudan bilateral relations.

Our Vision

Unlock and enable the power of Bilateral Relations.The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan established in Washington DC aims to promote further investment in the country ...

Our Coat of Arms

Sudan’s national emblem was adopted in 1969, and prominently features a secretary bird bearing the shield of Muhammad Ahmad, who ruled briefly in the 19th century.

  • Capital: Khartoum

  • Area: 1,882,000 km2

  • Population: 42.8 million

  • Major Languages: Arabic (official), English

  • Major Religion: Islam

  • Life Expectancy: 63 years (men), 66 years (women)

  • Currency: Sudanese pound

Cities of Sudan

This is a list of cities and towns in Sudan


The main draw of Atbara is that it’s near the Nile’s Fifth Cataract. Plan only a few hours there enough time to see the cataract and the old steam locomotives that died and are rusting in railyards. 172 mi/277 km northeast of Khartoum

Dinder National Park

This medium-sized reserve 16,000 acres/6,475 hectares) is in eastern Sudan, on the border with Ethiopia. Lions, monkeys, giraffes, leopards, bushbucks, kudus, antelope and many kinds of birds can be seen there, but you’ll need your own vehicle.


On the Nile in northern Sudan, this town lies in a noted date-growing area. Across the river are the ruins of the Temple of Kawa. Dongola is served by bus and steamer (during winter months only). 284 mi/457 km northeast of Khartoum