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Document Authentication

Document Authentication

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General Authentication Guidelines

For the purpose of authentication, we classify documents into three categories: Commercial, Academic and Immigration-related.

All documents issued by UK competent authorities must first be authenticated by UK Foreign Office. All documents issued by Sudanese competent authorities must first be authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum, Sudan. All documents issued by countries other than Sudan or the UK must be authenticated by the Sudanese Embassy/ Consulate and the Foreign Ministry of the issuing country plus the UK Foreign Office. These requirements apply to ALL documents without exceptions.

Please note that all documents to be used in Sudan issued outside the United Kingdom must be authenticated at the relevant Sudanese Embassy/Consulate in the issuing country before being sent to Sudan. If, for any purpose, you need further legalization by our embassy for these documents, they must be legalized by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

All Commercial documents issued for the purpose of use in Sudan must be authenticated by our Embassy. Examples for commercial documents are the Certificates of Origin (which must be accompanied by their corresponding Commercial Invoices), Certificates of Incorporation, Business Contracts, Certificates of Free Sale and Medicines and Drugs export documents. If you are providing more than one page bundle to be legalized as one bundle, make sure that the bundle meets our authentication requirements. That is to securely bind the documents with ribbon or tape, with the notary’s wafer seal being impressed over the ends of the ribbon or tape on the front page. Documents presented without these requirements will automatically be rejected. The applicant is required to submit a copy of every page presented for authentication (stamp page plus attachments). For Invoices, fees may vary depending on the total value of the invoice.

We only accept the following forms of payment: If you are sending documents by post, you must include a UK Postal Order payable to The Embassy of Sudan, London as well as a secure self-addressed envelope with your returning address clearly written on it. The embassy accepts no responsibility for documents lost in the post. If you prefer to drop your documents via courier or in person, we accept cash and postal orders only. Personal or other cheques are not accepted. Please allow sufficient time to process Authentication applications which may may take up to 3 business days. The Embassy reserves the right to extend this time if necessary for checking purposes with the relevant authorities in Sudan.

For Academic Certificates, beside the UK Foreign Office requirements explained above, you must meet each of the following:

  • If authenticating a certified copy, you must show the original certificate which will be returned to you along with the certified copies.
  • Attach one copy of each document that needs to be authenticated.
  • Fees are payable either in cash or by postal order. Please note that we accept no responsibility for cash sent via post as the Embassy does not encourage doing that.

It is not necessary to attend the Embassy yourself; instead, you can send documents by post after carefully reading the guidelines explained above.

Divorce Documents, the same above authentication rules apply and you need to produce the original document which must be authenticated at the Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Similar documents issued in the UK must meet the conditions explained under the General Guidelines and Requirements explained above.

Charges (per Sterling Pound) for authentication for a single document are as follows:

  • Commercial certificates: £160
  • Company agreement: £240
  • Power of Attorney (made outside the Embassy): £40
  • Medical certificates: £40
  • School certificates:£40
  • University certificates: £25
  • Work experience certificate: £40
  • Job contract: £40
  • Birth certificate: £40
  • Certificate of good conduct: £40

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